Hi! My name is Corinne Mandell.

I have a solid computer programming background and a passion for the web. I started out, around 1998, as a self-taught webmaster for my own enjoyment. Later, I received a degree in computer science from Drexel University in Philadelphia – with a focus in human-computer interaction, software engineering and data structures & algorithms – and continue to be self-motivated, pursuing new technologies, trends and techniques.

My design and development aesthetic is clean and minimalist. I feel that function is first and foremost and that the focus should always be on usability.

Professionally, I have experience developing within the corporate and non-profit worlds, with small businesses, the music industry, as well as with individuals pursuing personal goals for fun and hobbies.

On the rare occasions I'm not at my computer, I enjoy listening to loud music, working in my vegetable garden (weather permitting) and watching foreign films.

Resume available by request.



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